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FIVE GARFIELD AVENUE                                                                                  

(Corner of Cranston Street adjacent to Cranston Police Station)
Free off-street parking is available.
The Court Clerk's Office is open daily (Monday-Friday) from 8:30 A.M. To 4:30 P.M.
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You may contact the Clerk's Office at:

TELEPHONE - (401) 477-5010 OR (401) 477-5028
FAX - (401) 477-5197

The annual calendar of regular court sessions is available at the Office of Cranston City Clerk

The Cranston Municipal Court was created by local ordinance in 1987 pursuant to State enabling legislation (RIGL 45-2-21). The Court is legally authorized to adjudicate certain State moving traffic violations, all local Cranston ordinance offenses e.g., parking, zoning, etc. and minimum housing code violations.

If you are charged with a State moving traffic violation READ THE SUMMONS CAREFULLY. Some violations are adjudicated and payable exclusively in the RI Traffic Tribunal located at 670 New London Avenue, Cranston, RI 02920.

Unless otherwise noted on the face of the summons, a summons may be paid (check or money order) via U.S. mail or in person at the Cranston Municipal Court Clerk's Office (check, money order, credit card or cash).

An individual charged with an offense in the Cranston Municipal Court is entitled, by right and upon request, to an evidentiary hearing before the Court. To schedule a hearing, contact the Clerk's Office via U.S. mail or telephone at (401) 477-5010 or (401) 477-5028.

If you fail to appear in Court on the assigned date and time your license to operate a motor vehicle may be suspended. If for any reasonable cause you are unable to appear in Court as scheduled, another hearing can be assigned providing you contact the Clerk's Office at (401) 477-5028 in advance of your appearance date.

You may be eligible to request of the Court a dismissal of the charged violation pursuant to RIGL 31-41.1-7 "Application for Dismissal Based on Good Driving Record".

The Court and the Clerk's Office do not provide legal advice or legal counsel.

Any individual aggrieved by a decision - judgment of the Court may appeal as follows: